Urology Case Reports

Volume 28, January 2020, 101013
Urology Case Reports

Trauma and reconstruction
Acute management of Fournier's gangrene in the setting of massive lymphedema

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Chronic, massive lymphedema of the scrotum can pose therapeutic challenges to the urologist. Uncommonly encountered in developed countries, this dilemma can be amplified in the emergent setting. Along with voiding limitations and pain, lymphedema can lead to recurrent subcutaneous infections. Recurrence of infections can lead to a cycle of worsening lymphedema. We report a case of Fournier's gangrene complicated by massive lymphedema of the scrotum and right leg in a 43 year-old man from Panama, presumably filarial. This case highlights the surgical management of a patient requiring emergent intervention and multidisciplinary approach of reconstructive repair in the acute care setting.


Scrotal reconstruction
Fournier's gangrene
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