Volume 86

March 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 104352
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  1. Research article

    1. Reasons for academic dishonesty during examinations among nursing students: Cross-sectional survey

      Article 104314
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    2. Effects of web-based concept mapping education on students' concept mapping and critical thinking skills: A double blind, randomized, controlled study

      Article 104312
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    3. Multilingual nursing education: Nursing students' and teachers' interests, perceptions and expectations

      Article 104311
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    4. Research on the formation of humanistic care ability in nursing students: A structural equation approach

      Article 104315
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    5. A model to facilitate the teaching of caring to diagnostic radiography students: Original research

      Article 104316
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    6. Population health as a ¡®platform¡¯ for nurse education: A qualitative study of nursing leaders

      Article 104313
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    7. Using branching path simulations in critical thinking of pain management among nursing students: Experimental study

      Article 104323
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    8. Preparing students for clinical practice: The impact of a TeamSTEPPS? inter professional education session

      Article 104321
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    9. Bringing simulation to the classroom using an unfolding video patient scenario: A quasi-experimental study to examine student satisfaction, self-confidence, and perceptions of simulation design

      Article 104324
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    10. Blended learning in undergraduate nursing education ¨C A scoping review

      Article 104318
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    11. Standardized language systems for the design of high-fidelity simulation scenarios: A Delphi study

      Article 104319
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    12. Exploring the meaning of undergraduate nursing students' experiences and confidence in clinical skills using video

      Article 104322
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    13. Accelerated programmes in children's nursing to tackle the workforce gap in the United Kingdom: A cost-consequences analysis

      Article 104317
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    14. ¡°From my Facebook profile¡±: What do nursing students share on Timeline, Photos, Friends, and About sections?

      Article 104326
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    15. Quality of contact counts: The development of interprofessional identity in first year students

      Article 104328
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  2. Systematic Review

    1. Students' perceptions of interventions designed to foster empathy: An integrative review

      Article 104325
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    2. What is the evidence that can inform the implementation of a preceptorship scheme for general practice nurses, and what is the evidence for the benefits of such a scheme?: A literature review and synthesis

      Article 104327
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ISSN: 0260-6917