Volume 359

1 April 2020

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    1. Editorial Board

      Article 110558
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  1. Engineering Mechanics

    1. Analysis of the mock-up of a reactor containment building: Comparison with experimental results

      Article 110454
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  2. Material Properties

    1. Computer code analysis of irradiation performance of axially heterogeneous mixed oxide fuel elements attaining high burnup in a fast reactor

      Article 110448
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    2. Design of core catchers for sodium cooled FBRs 每 Challenges

      Article 110473
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  3. Reactor Engineering

    1. Development of coupled neutronics and fuel performance analysis capabilities between Serpent and TRANSURANUS

      Article 110450
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    2. Optimal Main Heat Transport system configuration for a nuclear power plant

      Article 110474
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    3. Development and verification of PWR-core nuclear design code system NECP-Bamboo: Part III: Bamboo-Transient

      Article 110462
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    4. Characterization and prediction of flow-conditions in the hot-leg of PWR during loss of coolant accident

      Article 110446
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  4. Fuel Engineering

    1. Modeling of fuel-cladding stresses in porous UC/SIC fuel pins

      Article 110455
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  5. Core Physics

    1. Neutronic feasibility of civil marine small modular reactor core using mixed D2O+H2O coolant

      Article 110449
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    2. A criticality study on the LA-1 accident using Monte Carlo methods

      Article 110467
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  6. Thermal Hydraulics

    1. Numerical investigation of flow blockage accident in SFR fuel assembly

      Article 110437
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    2. Mechanism of loop seal clearance occurring at U-shaped pipe with air-water two-phase flow

      Article 110398
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    3. Bayesian inference and non-linear extensions of the CIRCE method for quantifying the uncertainty of closure relationships integrated into thermal-hydraulic system codes

      Article 110391
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    4. Porous structure of cylindrical packed beds with aspect ratios between 1 and 2

      Article 110451
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    5. Experimental study and similarity analysis of separation efficiency of swirl-vane separator

      Article 110442
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    6. Simulation of coolant mixing in a BWR spent fuel storage pool and flood chamber

      Article 110468
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    7. Three-dimensional transient analysis of coupled RCS-containment integral system

      Article 110461
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    8. Lead coolant modeling in system thermal-hydraulic code HYDRA-IBRAE/LM and some validation results

      Article 110463
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    9. Numerical and experimental campaigns for lead solidification modelling and testing

      Article 110482
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  7. Safety and Risk Analysis

    1. Best-estimate analysis for a MSGTR accident of CANDU-6 plants using the MAAP-ISAAC code

      Article 110452
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    2. The corrosion of aluminum alloy and release of hydrogen in nuclear reactor emergency core coolant: Implications for deflagration and explosion risk

      Article 110458
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    3. A new approach for crack detection and sizing in nuclear reactor cores

      Article 110464
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    4. Status of research and development of learning-based approaches in nuclear science and engineering: A review

      Article 110479
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  8. Instrumentation and Control

    1. An advanced method for quick detection of heavy water leak in steam generators of pressurized heavy water reactors

      Article 110447
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    2. 3-D visualization of AGR fuel channel bricks using Structure-from-Motion

      Article 110472
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  9. Waste Management

    1. The status quo on HTGR decommissioning

      Article 110456
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  10. Special Section on: The Best of HTR 2018: International Topical Meeting on High Temperature Reactor Technology; Edited by: Prof. Hassan Yassin, Dr. Michael A. F邦tterer, and Prof. Grzegorz WROCHNA

    1. The critical sticking velocity of non-spherical graphite particles: A numerical study and validation

      Article 110453
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  11. Special Section on "SESAME International Workshop", Edited by: Ir. Ferry Roelofs and Dr. Philippe Planquart

    1. Thermal fluctuations in low-Prandtl number fluid flows over a backward facing step

      Article 110460
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ISSN: 0029-5493