Volume 65

February 2020

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  1. Editorial board/Publication information

    Article 101274
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  2. EARLI title page

    Article 101277
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  3. EARLI Association News

    Article 101278
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  4. Schema abstraction with productive failure and analogical comparison: Learning designs for far across domain transfer

    Article 101222
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  5. Teachers¡¯ belief that math requires innate ability predicts lower intrinsic motivation among low-achieving students

    Article 101220
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  6. Enhanced monitoring accuracy and test performance: Incremental effects of judgment training over and above repeated testing

    Article 101245
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  7. The role of rational number density knowledge in mathematical development

    Article 101228
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  8. Elementary school children's conceptions of teaching and learning to write as intentional activities

    Article 101249
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  9. Exploring student hand-raising across two school subjects using mixed methods: An investigation of an everyday classroom behavior from a motivational perspective

    Article 101250
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  10. Executive function facilitates learning from math instruction in kindergarten: Evidence from the ECLS-K

    Article 101251
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  11. Using a picture-embedded method to support acquisition of sight words

    Article 101248
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  12. Learning fractions with and without educational technology: What matters for high-achieving and low-achieving students?

    Article 101264
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  13. Antecedents and consequences of organized extracurricular activities among Chinese preschoolers in Hong Kong

    Article 101267
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  14. Refutation texts and argumentation for conceptual change: A winning or a redundant combination?

    Article 101265
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  15. Epistemic beliefs about the value of integrating information across multiple documents in history

    Article 101266
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  16. Improving sleep, cognitive functioning and academic performance with sleep education at school in children

    Article 101270
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ISSN: 0959-4752