Volume 70

Pages 1-136 (January 2020)

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  1. Editorial Board

    Page ii
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  2. First names in social and ethnic contexts: A socio-onomastic approach

    Pages 1-12
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  3. ¡®Going negative¡¯: An APPRAISAL analysis of the rhetoric of Donald Trump on Twitter

    Pages 13-27
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  4. Group assertion and group silencing

    Pages 28-37
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  5. Groups speaking for themselves: Articulating first-person plural authority

    Pages 38-45
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  6. What are group speech acts?

    Pages 46-58
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  7. Group speakers

    Pages 59-66
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  8. Introduction: Chronotopes and chronotopic relations

    Pages 67-70
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  9. Odysseus the traveler: Appropriation of a chronotope in a community of practice

    Pages 71-81
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  10. Chronotopic relations: Chronotopes, scale, and scale-making

    Pages 82-93
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  11. Chronotopic identities: Narrating Made in Italy across spatiotemporal scales

    Pages 94-106
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  12. Metapragmatics of normalcy: Mobility, context, and language choice

    Pages 107-118
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  13. Free the code, free the world: The chronotopic ¡°worldness¡± of the virtual world of Ryzom

    Pages 119-131
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  14. Commentary: Chronotopes, synchronization and formats

    Pages 132-135
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ISSN: 0271-5309