Volume 135, Issue 2

Pages 271-554 (February 2020)

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  1. Editorial Board

    Page IFC
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  2. Shrinking the cross-section

    Pages 271-292
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  3. Trading and arbitrage in cryptocurrency markets

    Pages 293-319
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  4. Show me the money: The monetary policy risk premium

    Pages 320-339
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  5. Quantify the quantitative easing: Impact on bonds and corporate debt issuance

    Pages 340-358
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  6. Trading out of sight: An analysis of cross-trading in mutual fund families

    Pages 359-378
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  7. An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation

    Pages 379-398
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  8. Measuring skewness premia

    Pages 399-424
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  9. Reputations and credit ratings: Evidence from commercial mortgage-backed securities

    Pages 425-444
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  10. Financing dies in darkness? The impact of newspaper closures on public finance

    Pages 445-467
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  11. An inconvenient cost: The effects of climate change on municipal bonds

    Pages 468-482
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  12. Institutional shareholders and corporate social responsibility

    Pages 483-504
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  13. Inventor CEOs

    Pages 505-527
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  14. Is information risk priced? Evidence from abnormal idiosyncratic volatility

    Pages 528-554
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ISSN: 0304-405X