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Transferred back to society as of 2013;
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Volume 38, Issue 2
pp. 202每293 (February 2012)
Volume 38, Issue 1
pp. 35每70 (January 2012)
Volume 37, Issue 12
pp. 2135每2278 (December 2012)
Volume 37, Issue 11
pp. 1942每2011 (November 2011)
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Da-Gang WANG, ... Hai-Jian ZHI
February 2012
De-Run HUANG, ... Jie-Yun ZHUANG
February 2012
Li-Xia KU, ... Yan-Hui CHEN
February 2012
Wo-Na DING, ... Shi-Hua ZHU
February 2012
Si-Long CHEN, ... Bo-Shou LIAO
February 2012
Ya-Chun YANG, ... Jian-Bo YANG
February 2012
Zai-Song DING, ... Ming ZHAO
February 2012
Rui ZHANG, ... Wang-Zhen GUO
January 2012

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Transferred back to society as of 2013;




This title publishes a selection of papers from the original Chinese version. Citation information refers to the original papers.